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E31: Bernard Fowler's Life in Music + Dr. John audio + Andy Gill R.I.P.

Episode Summary

Hosts Barney Hoskyns and Mark Pringle are joined by special guest Bernard Fowler to talk about his life in music, from founding the Peech Boys at the Paradise Garage with Larry Levan before working with Mick Jagger on She's the Boss and beginning a 30-year touring and recording relationship with the Rolling Stones. He also regales the boys with tales of recording a disco cover of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall' and talks about how growing up in NYC influenced his brand new album of Stones covers, Inside Out. Barney then enthuses about the recently released Rolling Thunder Revue, a film about Dylan's tour of the USA in 1975, before paying tribute to writer Andy Gill, whose absence in the world of music journalism will be keenly felt. The three of them then listen to clips from an audio interview with Dr. John in which he talks about being ripped off by labels in his early recording career and his struggle with getting clean. Finally, Mark presents highlights from the week's other additions to the archive, including a 1956 interview with Alexis Korner about British Skiffle, Labelle shaking up the male-dominated music industry in 1974 and Barbara Ellen's report of having a miserable time at Glastonbury festival.

Episode Notes

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Hosted by Barney Hoskyns and Mark Pringle with special guest Bernard Fowler

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Produced by Jasper Murison-Bowie

Pieces discussed: Bernard Fowler, The Peech Boys, Scorsese's Rolling Thunder Revue, Andy Gill meets Andy Gill, Cabaret Voltaire, Frank Zappa, Dr. John audio, Skiffle or Piffle?, Mick Farren, Sly Stone, Labelle, Rod Stewart, The Specials, Crass, William Burroughs, Glastonbury, Lisa Robinson, Eagles of Death Metal and Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys.