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E35: P. Funk Special + Hal David audio with Lloyd Bradley and Tom Vickers

Episode Summary

In this week's episode of the RBP podcast, Barney Hoskyns and Mark Pringle are joined by not one but two guests: Lloyd Bradley and Tom Vickers. They tell the story of how they met, Lloyd blagging his way into a singles reviewing session with George Clinton at Blues and Soul magazine while Tom was Parliament's 'Minister of Information'. This gives rise to a lengthy discussion about all things Parliament, Funkadelic, and George Clinton as well as Lloyd explaining how he managed to go from sneaking into gigs to a long and illustrious career in music journalism. The four of them listen to clips from the week's audio interview, with Hal David of the David and Bacharach songwriting partnership, in which he talks about recording 'Make It Easy on Yourself' with Dionne Warwick as a demo, and her subsequent upset when they gave the song to Jerry Butler. Finally, Mark presents the highlights from the articles added to the archive, including Jimmy Page waxing astrological, Mick Jagger feeling intellectually limited, and Eminem getting booed off stage in London—leading the group to consider whether, and how, hip-hop can be successful in large venues.

Episode Notes

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Hosted by Barney Hoskyns and Mark Pringle with special guests Lloyd Bradley and Tom Vickers

Lloyd Bradley's website is, where you can find details of his books Bass Culture and Sounds Like London.
Tom Vickers' website is, where you can find information about his writing and excerpts from Tales from the Tour Bus.

Produced by Jasper Murison-Bowie

Pieces discussed: George Clinton, Hot House, Soul II Soul's Jazzie B, Hal David audio, Fats Domino, Jimmy Page, Albert Ayler, Barry White, Mick Jagger, Keith Moon R.I.P., Cerys Matthews/Catatonia, Eminem live at the Astoria