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E32: Go-go in D.C. + Anita Ward audio + Felix Dennis and the Oz Trial

Episode Summary

For this week's episode of the RBP podcast, Barney Hoskyns, Mark Pringle and Jasper Murison-Bowie take a look at Go-Go, the funk and party music scene of Washington, D.C.. Discussing its influences on swing beat and intersections with hip-hop, they look at three articles including the one that broke the news of the scene to UK audiences by Richard Grabel in the NME, Simon Witter finding out whether Go-Go is dead in 1987 and a Don Snowden obituary of 'godfather of Go-Go' Chuck Brown. Your three hosts then listen to a clip from an 2016 audio interview with Anita Ward in which she discusses life as a one-hit-wonder and the disco hit in question, 'Ring My Bell'. Barney, Mark and Jasper then mark five years since Felix Dennis' death, reflecting on the Oz Trial and Dennis' subsequent rise to becoming a media mogul worth $500 million. Mark begins the 'what's new in the RBP archives' section with an interview with Mike Nesmith of the Monkees in which he is relentlessly miserable before moving on to other pieces including a Grateful Dead live review from their Europe 72 tour and a Gram Parsons interview which gives rise to a discussion about Parsons' return to country as opposed to country rock. Barney picks out a review of Radiohead's Hail to the Thief, met by loud snoring from Mark, as well as a Baxter Dury interview, while Jasper enthuses about the live sound of Oxford band Foals.

Episode Notes

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Hosted by Barney Hoskyns, Mark Pringle and Jasper Murison-Bowie

Produced by Jasper Murison-Bowie

Pieces discussed: Go-Go and Angel Dust, Go-Go not gone, Remembering Chuck Brown, Anita Ward, Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Felix Dennis, Mike Nesmith, Rev. Gary Davis, The Grateful Dead, Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan: The Rolling Thunder Revue, KISS, U2, Peter Andre, Radiohead: Hail to the Thief, Baxter Dury and Foals