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E29: Rickie Lee Jones + Harry Doherty + Rory Gallagher audio

Episode Summary

In this week's episode, Barney Hoskyns and Jasper Murison-Bowie hold the fort in Mark Pringle's absence as he enjoys the sunny shores of Crete. Back in muggy London, Rickie Lee Jones is the free feature on RBP ahead of the release of a new cover album, Kicks. Barney and Jasper take a look at pieces about her unexpected success with 'Chuck E's in Love', as well as her drug problems and wild days with boyfriend Tom Waits. Then, the two of them consider three Harry Doherty pieces on a joint Queen/Thin Lizzy tour, a young Kate Bush on her songwriting techniques and an interview with Rory Gallagher. By editorial design, a different interview with Rory Gallagher, this time from 1978 and with Cliff White, is the audio interview for the week, and Barney and Jasper hear a clip in which he talks about recording live before agreeing that he's a good guitarist if fairly derivative. Despite his absence, Mark has selected some highlights from the week's library load, including an interview with the Beatles before they embark on their tour of the United States and an interview with Pete Townshend in which he slags off their song 'Yesterday'. A brilliant Steven Wells polemic about homophobia sparks discussion of Morrissey's far-right views and whether or not bad people can make good music before pieces on Gnarls Barkley and Christine and the Queens/Chris round out the episode.

Episode Notes

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Hosted by Barney Hoskyns and Jasper Murison-Bowie

Produced by Jasper Murison-Bowie

Pieces discussed: Rickie Lee Jones, Pirates, Rickie Lee Retrospective, Queen/Thin Lizzy, Kate Bush, Rory Gallagher, Rory Gallagher audio, The Beatles look ahead, Pete Townshend, The Gospel of Rock according to Van Halen, Homophobia in music, Oasis @ Earl's Court, Tony Bennett, Gnarls Barkley and Why Christine and the Queens makes me feel like I'm ten years old and climbing a tree.